Are you a small business that is focused on cost-effective bookkeeping solutions? Cloud-Bookkeeper Services is the place for you.

Cloud-Bookkeeper Services

Follow Up Your Business Finances Anywhere ON-THE-GO

You can access Cloud-Bookkeeper Services on mobile with ease. Our mobile based solution is designed to help you eliminate the need for paper receipts, manage your expenses anytime, as well as connect all your business accounts in one place for seamless monitoring.

Stay Connected with Leading Accounting Service Providers

To give you the best online bookkeeping service, we also use with 3rd party tools for optimum efficiency. We partner with the likes of QuickBooks, Xero and Zohobooks, which offer innovative and easy-to-use bookkeeping and accounting software for seamless reconciliation of all transactions with your accounting records.

Accounting Service Providers
Online Bookkeeping Services

Cloud Filing & Storage Cloud

Store and back up your customer information and business documents with related transactions in our secure online cloud library for easy reference, quick sharing, and anytime access. The online filing feature of our cloud bookkeeping service enables you to create, categorize, and file all your business transactions in the most efficient way possible.

Fast, Easy and Safe File Sharing

Share relevant files and transaction documents with your accountant, financial advisor, and CPA in real time. With our cloud filing service, your financial advisors can have easy access to your business books and records all in one place.

Quick and Easy Access to Stored Data

Our cloud system is flexible and makes it easy to search quickly, pull up and edit stored details, as well as archive all redundant files.

Additional features

You can also attach photos, invoices, as well as other relevant files, visual aids, and documents to the stored transactions and records. This additional service feature is to help you identify and differentiate uploaded files.

low-cost Bookkeeping Solution

Tracking Dashboard

Cloud bookkeeping is a fast and efficient low-cost solution to the bookkeeping needs of your business that guarantees high productivity. And our tracking dashboard gives you a holistic view of key financial information, which you can view from anywhere online, track all your business transactions anytime, anywhere, and make sound financial decisions.

Stay In Charge of Your Cash Flow

With all your bank information and financial details in one place, you can monitor your revenue and expenditures more conveniently. And our online bookkeeping service dashboard provides you with an up-to-date view of your balances across all accounts in real time.

Customizable Option to Track Specific Business Performance

You increase productivity and improve revenue when you stay updated with the financial flow of your business. Our rule-based tracking option comes with an automated process, which you can customize to help you find out which KPI of your business thrives the most. You can also customize your dashboard to display specific books or transactions to see how your business is performing per time.

Paperless Bookkeeping Services

Bank Reconciliation

It begins With Connecting Your Bank Transactions to your Cloud Bookkeeper Account

By setting up your bank transaction feeds to be imported directly to the Accounting Services platform, you get automatic updates daily on bank transactions from all your business accounts, including your processor accounts. This keeps you in control of your finances at all times and helps you to manage your time on other aspects of your business effectively.

Reconcile Your Transaction on the Go

Know the financial stand of your business at all time. By reconciling your bank transactions, you receive automatic updates for all cash transactions wherever you are. We also work with the likes of Shopify, PayPal, Expensify, WooCommerce and bill payments banks to reconcile your books.

This service feature aids seamless real-time tracking of your cash flow. And it saves you the stress of importing and updating transaction records manually, as well as the cost of employing a bookkeeper.

Customizable Rules to Suit Your Business Needs

For seamless bookkeeping, you can customize the bank reconciliation rules to match your unique business needs. Such that any incoming transaction is automatically categorized and matched under bill payments, sales receipts, or purchases. Even If you just joined us and want to transfer all back-dated transactions, you can also quickly reconcile multiple transactions at once, and categorize them on the go with ease.

Reliable Catch-Up Services

We provide top-notch catch up bookkeeping services when you need to do your bookkeeping for previous years. We will assign a cloud bookkeeper to help you clean your books, get you up-to-speed with your current financial status, and maintain your business bookkeeping onwards.

Financial Reporting

Get Your Financial Statement Anytime

We do your income statement and balance sheet accurately, and store it in the cloud. And you can receive and review your income statement everywhere you go. All your transactions will be arranged in an orderly and visually appealing manner so that you can conveniently assess your revenue, expenses, and debts.

Reports to Show the Financial Health of Your Business

Stay in charge of your business cash flow. How much is coming into your account? How much is going out? How will it affect your next financial decision? Cloud-Bookkeeper Services financial report gives you a detailed overview of all you need to know about the financial strength of your business. And you can share this information with your financial advisor safely whenever you want.

All-Inclusive Financial Reporting Features

Grow your business with insights from our comprehensive reports. We also report every financial information needed to do your taxes. And our safe and secure cloud backup bookkeeping services stores a copy of the report in case of an audit in the future. We handle your income statement, journal entry summary, profit and loss statement, balance sheet, trial balance, and general ledger. And you can export the report in PDF for offline accessibility.

Reliable Catch-Up Services

We provide top-notch catch up bookkeeping services when you need to do your bookkeeping for previous years. We will assign a dedicated cloud bookkeeper to help you clean your books, get you up-to-speed with your current financial status, and maintain your business bookkeeping onwards.

Expenses Management

Ensure that you are spending within your budget. Keep track of your team’s spending on projects.

Eliminate the stress of manual spreadsheet entry. Your cloud account will be automatically updated daily with all recent spending as it happens. And by keeping track of your running cost, you can manage your expenses effectively.

With the insights you get from all recorded expense claims, you have an idea of how much is leaving your business compared to how much profit you are making, without the stress of spreadsheets and going through receipts manually. And you get a real-time update everywhere you go.

Record Expenses on the Go

Capture and upload all receipts of expenditures on the go with your mobile phone or tablet, and we will update your books for you instantly. You can also review and approve any expenses uploaded by your team anywhere, any time.

Efficient Growth-Driven Bookkeeping Solution

You have access to the real-time expenses report of your business or project anytime. No surprise fees or hidden charges whatsoever. You can also label uploaded expenses and grant multiple user permission to team members that can view the expenses book. And by seeing all the relevant details at a glance, you can make sound financial decisions confidently.

Inventory Management

Monitoring and managing inventories in real time just got easier. With our cloud platform, you can keep tabs on your stock, track the quantity of the more profitable items, manage bestselling product lines, and make profit- oriented business decisions like price adjustments using this information.

Track the Value of Your Stock with Ease

Our cloud bookkeeping inventory management feature is the perfect cost-effective tool for small and medium scale businesses, especially wholesale and independent retail businesses for a hassle-free tracking and evaluation of available stock wherever you are.