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In addition to our cloud base bookkeeping service, we also offer payroll service for startups, self employed, small and medium business across all professional industries and enterprises. Our dedicated bookkeeping team is equipped with payroll experience and we partner with leading payroll services providers to run your payroll.

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Automated Payroll Processing

Automated Payroll Processing

We offer you the option of setting an automated rule for your payroll filing when it is payday. Our payroll system is a convenient and flexible online payroll service platform to help you with the calculation, filing, and payment of your payroll taxes and employees automatically.

You can also adjust the frequency of payment and pay rates, as well as implement direct deposits and printing of checks. Even if there is a need to refund personal expenses to employees, our automated payroll processing can be customized to suit your unique need.

Our payroll service also offers:

Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and annual processing
Bank Like payment solutions
Payslips and reports delivery